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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Email on the web - INBOX.COM offers free e-mail accounts with up to 2 GB of storage, and I do mean storage.
In your account, you can upload files(i.e. music, documents) and have immediate access to them from anywhere there is an internet terminal.

While the e-mail interface looks similar to gmail(google) in size, INBOX offers real folders AND rules to sort your e-mail as it hits your inbox. This is a nice feature. Another nice feature is that your messages contain absolutely NO ADS, NO TRAILERS, NO TAGLINES. Pretty nice.

Dropload - One of the better tools allows registered users to deliver attachments via e-mail. The files are uploaded to the dropload site and the recipient is sent an e-mail message with a link to the attachment. Once they click on the link, the file is downloaded from the dropload server. The recipient has up to 7 days to pick up the file, and once the file has been picked up, it is deleted from the dropload server, hence only one pickup is allowed per file. The service is really slick. I find this extremely handy for moving files between home and office, and between other offices. When on the road, I normally zip files into a single file and use dropload to send it to the office. The file limit, the list time I checked was 30 MB, but that is usually plenty.

Best of all the service is FREE